Crystals are actually nature’s ultimate secret.

The healing and preventative powers of crystals and crystalized quartz are nothing new. They actually date all way back to Egyptian times. And it’s pretty well known that all living things absorb the sun’s heat for energy. But with humans, the UVA/UVB rays can damage the skin.

Crystal Heat Therapy combines the healing with turning up the temperature to create deep penetrating warm wavelengths. The unique process stimulates the bloodstream, boosts cardiovascular activity, while increasing flow and cell quantity.

What will the therapy do for you?

Fill you up with energy.

Crystal Heat Therapy deeply penetrates stimulating the muscles, connective tissues and internal organs. The vibrational energy activates your mitochondria—the engine powerhouse of the cell—that speeds up your metabolism. This evolutionary process can reduce stress, lessen fatigue and even improve your sleep. Experience a whole new dimension in warmth that’ll have you soaring like an eagle.

Alleviate your chronic pain.

Combat your muscle, joint or arthritis pain with Crystal Heat Therapy. When the wavelengths go through the bloodstream they boost circulation and increase beta-endorphin levels. These are the endorphins that block pain receptors in the brain, so you’ll feel relieved with a sense of wellbeing and satisfaction. Crystal Heat Therapy can transform your discomfort into blessed relief.

Boost your immune system.

The best way to prevent colds and flu are with Crystal Heat Therapy. Deep penetrating heat boosts your immunity enabling your system to fight off viruses and bacteria by significantly increasing the production of white blood cells and killer T-cells. In turn, your immune system will become stronger than you ever thought possible.*

Beat the cold rush.

Tingling fingers and cold feet are a direct result of poor circulation. Crystal Heat Therapy will get your blood flowing again. The deep-penetrating process delivers oxygen to the cells boosting production, unclogging blood vessels and increasing overall circulation. This will turn up your body heat from the tips of your toes to the palms of your hands.

Improve your skin texture.

When Crystal Heat Therapy is applied to your skin it stimulates blood flow, increases collagen production and improves your flesh’s tone. The heat penetrates deeply into your blood triggering the release of waste and toxins, thus reducing the appearance of crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles. Ongoing therapy may have you looking more beautiful than ever before.*

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*Individual results may vary.