The way to pain management and a better you without any side effects.

Low Blood Circulation? Zero Energy? Chronic Pain? Low Immune System? Worry Lines?

Thanks to our revolutionary new Heat Therapy with crystals, we can help and even better your overall health. At Rejuvenation Wellness, therapists work to heal with lasting results. With a free consultation, a customized therapy is created to focus on where you need the most healing. Starting with revitalizing circulation, all parts of the body begin to heal over time. With the help of crystallized quartz and FAR infrared heat, our therapists are able to harness the natural healing powers of the sun's UVA and UVB rays to boost cardiovascular activity and hone in on specific pain points.*

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If you're always fatigued, you'll be energized. If you have chronic pain, you'll find comfort. If you have a migraine, you'll be reprieved. If you're always getting sick, your immune system will strengthen. If your feet are generally cold, you'll feel all warm inside. If wrinkles are weaving their way in, your appearance may greatly improve.*

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The inspiring story about Crystal Heat Therapy.

"Numerous symptoms are directly related to blood flow. And soon those who are suffering from these specific ailments will possess a greater understanding."


It's so easy to start.

You very first visit starts with a free consultation to understand what's ailing you and what type of relief are you seeking. Then a tour of the facility and we answer any specific questions that you may have. From there, if you determine you'd like to experience a session-we schedule you in.

At Rejuvenation Wellness, we believe that through better circulation the body can achieve better health. Which is the best for your peace of mind.

*Individual results may vary.



We are an outpatient drug and alcohol program that is committed to providing detoxification services.

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Rejuvenation wellness has created a powerful therapeutic system based on FAR Infrared technology (FIR). The system produces pure, stable, therapeutic FIR energy that stimulates natural cellular rejuvenation mechanisms and increases circulation to heal organs and illnesses.